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Mobile Phone Ads at Angkor

Hanuman Films teams up with India’s Picture Perfect Films at Angkor.

Picture Perfect Films of Mumbai, India, came to Cambodia recently, with coordination and support from Hanuman Films, to produce ads for the Honor mobile phone by Huawei. The shooting took place in Siem Reap, the temples of Angkor and on Phnom Kulen. You can watch the ads on Vimeo.

Vimeo Videos:




Louis Vuitton Men’s Summer Collection Photoshoot in Cambodia

Louis Vuitton came to Cambodia to shoot images for their new Men’s Spring/Summer Collection around the Temples of Angkor and Hanuman Films took care of the line production services. 

Louis Vuitton Men's Summer Collection at Angkor with AnOther Man

Louis Vuitton Men’s Summer Collection at Angkor with AnOther Man

Louis Vuitton Men's Summer Collection at Angkor with AnOther Man

Louis Vuitton Men’s Summer Collection at Angkor with AnOther Man

1 Catalogue Shoot, 10 Magazine Shoots, 11 models, 11 collections and a host of supporting fashion photographers and stylists adding up to more than 80 crew on the ground. Hanuman Films ensured that the Louis Vuitton teams shot with flair and care around the iconic Temples of Angkor. Images here by Julia Hetta appeared in AnOther Man magazine.

Louis Vuitton Men's Summer Collection at Angkor with AnOther Man

Louis Vuitton Men’s Summer Collection at Angkor with AnOther Man

Louis Vuitton Men's Summer Collection at Angkor with AnOther Man

Louis Vuitton Men’s Summer Collection at Angkor with AnOther Man

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A Guide to Filming Permissions in the Kingdom of Cambodia

Read on to learn more about general filming permissions in the Kingdom of Cambodia, including the issuing authorities and the relevant location permits around the country.

Actor Joel Edgerton on set in Sihanoukville on Wish You Were Here

Actor Joel Edgerton on set in Sihanoukville on Wish You Were Here, shot in partnership with Hanuman Films

Film crews will need a general permission from either the Ministry of Information or the Ministry of Culture. As a general rule, documentaries and commercials can obtain permission from the Ministry of Information and dramas or feature films need to get permission from the Ministry of Culture. However, applying through the preferred channels can be discussed with the experienced Hanuman Films production team before moving ahead with the application process. It is possible to get the general filming permission for Cambodia organised in as little as two working weeks, but we advise scheduling up to one month, and longer still for a major feature film. We can coordinate the application process, as we have 15 years and counting of dealing with the relevant ministries, dating right back to the days of Tomb Raider in Cambodia. Hanuman Films can also arrange the temporary import/re-export of all filming-related equipment as Cambodia is not a carnet country at this time.

Heineken Dropped, a viral commercial produced in partnership with Hanuman Films (and a yellow ducky)

Heineken Dropped, a viral commercial produced in partnership with Hanuman Films (and a yellow ducky)

Film crews need to supply the following information:

• Complete crew list with full names and passport details

• Detailed equipment list, including an approximate valuation of each item

• Flight itineraries, including arrival and departure information

• Synopsis of the storyline or a treatment of the episode

• Rough schedule and locations for the planned shoot

Tomb Raider shot in Cambodia with Hanuman Films as their local partner

Tomb Raider shot in Cambodia with Hanuman Films as their local partner

Local location filming permits may be required from the local authority or landowner for some locations and these may attract their own fees. Whether or not a permit is required will depend on the location and the scale of the production. For small documentaries the main permit may suffice for most locations, but if filming any drama (especially if it includes the need for crowd control) then permits are required for most locations. For large-scale dramas it is necessary to provide a shooting schedule to the relevant local authorities.

Need an aerial view of the location? Hanuman Films has it covered.

Need an aerial view of the location? Hanuman Films has it covered.

Location fees will vary depending on the location and the scale of the production. The temples of Angkor require a filming permit via the Aspara Authority, which usually takes around two working weeks to organise, but can be run in tandem with the Ministry general filming permissions.

No government minder is required to accompany a shoot in Cambodia at this time, and the Cambodian government does not request to view the rushes before departure from the country, making the entire production process more hassle-free than more established regional players such as Thailand and Vietnam.

Dragonair at Angkor Wat, the first major commercial at the temples of Angkor

Hanuman Films became the first local production company to organise a major international television commercial at the temples of Angkor with this Dragonair commercial.

Kulikar Sotho worked with Hong Kong-based Moviola Productions as Line Producer, taking responsibility for the entire production in Cambodia. Hanuman arranged all filming permissions, including the sensitive dragon dance shoot at Angkor Wat, and arranged all logistics, such as accommodation, transport and import/re-export of equipment. During the five-day shoot, Kulikar also acted as interpreter for the 15-strong production crew. The commercial covered four countries, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan, but, according to the Moviola crew, it was in Cambodia that things ran most smoothly.

The Last Reel Officially Selected For TIFF


We are honoured to have been chosen by the Tokyo International Film Festival who will play host to the World Premiere of The Last Reel later this month. Kulikar Sotho’s directorial debut has been included as one of ten films from ten different countries to be shown in the Asian Future section for new directors. The screening dates are 26th and 29th October at the Toho Cinemas, Roppongi Hills in Tokyo.


The programming director of TIFF, Kenji Ishizaka, spoke to the press: “The Asian Future section is for first or second feature films made in Asia and established last year. We increased the competition films from 8 (last year) to 10 this year, and we selected various types of movies from 10 different countries. 9 out of 10 films are World Premieres at TIFF, so we keep searching for fresh films from all Asian countries and regions. These 10 films are selected from nearly 250 films in our competition, their stories are very rich and mostly based on record or memory about the past and the changes in the present. Because Asian countries are undergoing modernization and there are drastic changes in those countries.”


The Last Reel is the most significant independent feature film to come out of Cambodia in a generation. It is the directorial debut of Kulikar Sotho, based on a script by Ian Masters. The Khmer-language film with English subtitles was shot entirely on location in Cambodia during 2013 with a cast of leading local talent including Ma Rynet, Dy Saveth and Rous Mony.


Film Synopsis: When Sophoun, the directionless daughter of a hard-line Khmer Colonel runs away from an arranged marriage, she finds refuge in an abandoned cinema. There she discovers an incomplete melodrama from pre-Khmer Rouge times, a film which starred her now desperately ill mother as a young woman; a different world, a different time. With the help of the elderly projectionist, she decides to remake the missing last reel. By screening the film to her mother, she hopes to remind her of a life she’d once lived and try to mend the psychological scars that still torment her. But no one and nothing is what it seems. Remaking the last reel offers Sophoun a chance to dictate her own destiny but at the cost of uncovering some painful truths about her family and their past.


To learn more about The Last Reel and those involved in the making of this movie please visit the official film website The Last Reel Website


If you would like to view the trailer it can be found here The Last Reel Trailer


A Look Back At Heineken ‘Dropped’ in Cambodia


Just over one year ago Hanuman Films was contacted by WeFilm of the Netherlands who wanted to shoot an episode of the popular Heineken Beer series ‘Dropped’. The producers wanted to film in some remote areas of Cambodia and Hanuman Films was on hand to advice and organize the shoot. Below is an article about the filming experience of the international crew whilst in Cambodia.



Join Hanuman Films on a Virtual Location Scout in Battambang

Watch this location video of Cambodia’s charming second city, including impressive colonial-era buildings, a striking riverside location and some out-of-town attractions set in an idyllic rural setting.

Battambang is a great place to create the old atmosphere of French Indochine or the parts of Indochina back in the days of the Vietnam War, before cities like Hanoi and Phnom Penh developed a modern face. All The Last Reel cinema locations were shot in Battambang as was much of The Gate, based on Francois Bizot’s book, currently in post-production. Add to the architecture the infamous bamboo ‘norry’ train or one of the famed hilltop ancient temples like Phnom Banan and you have one of Cambodia’s most diverse locations for a film crew wanting to stay away from the public eye and concentrate on getting the job done.

Soap Commercial In Cambodia

An Indian based production company “Mad Studios” was in Cambodia recently to film a commercial for a new soap product. The concept for the commercial was to recreate an archeological dig at an Angkorian temple complete with extras and all necessary props. Mad Studios were on a tight shooting schedule and had booked flights to arrive 10 days after initial contact was made with Hanuman Films. Before the arrival of the International crew Hanuman Films had to find a suitable location, hire extras, local technical crew, source all props and organize a helicopter to perform aerials during the shoot. The remote temples of Banteay Chhmar were selected as the ideal location for the commercial and all permits and permissions were organized accordingly. Mad Studios arrived in Cambodia on Thursday 7th August for a recce and filming commenced the very next day with Hanuman Films supplying a large convoy of vehicles and an army of local production assistants to help facilitate the production.

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