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Watch The Last Reel for free

The Last Reel will be Free-to-View from Monday 13 April 2020.

Award-winning Cambodian film, The Last Reel (www.thelastreel.info) will be available to watch for FREE online on the Frame-io website from Monday 13 April until the end of April 2020 in honour of Khmer New Year or Chaul Chnam 2563. On Monday morning, we will announce the FREE link where you can watch the film.

As the world is overwhelmed by the Coronavirus Crisis that has infected every corner of the world and put the global economy on life-support, many are stuck at home under lockdowns or travel restrictions and this is one small way that Hanuman Films (www.hanumanfilms.com) can help to educate and entertain at this time.

The celebration of Khmer New Year has been suspended this year to help stem the spread of the Coronavirus, so we hope to bring some small consolation to our friends and supporters in Cambodia and the wider world by making this iconic film available to watch for FREE.

The Hanuman Group faces the most challenging period in its history due to the travel industry coming to a standstill and the film industry stuck at home. Once the world starts moving again, it would be wonderful if you can like, share, recommend or support any of our long-running businesses:

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Thanks for reading, thanks for liking, thanks for sharing.

Stay home, be safe and watch The Last Reel.

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