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Sustainable Green Fuel Enterprise Short Film

Deforestation is a serious and growing issue in Cambodia which is mainly caused by the production of charcoal for cooking purposes. A Cambodian based organization, Sustainable Green Fuel Enterprise, is providing an ecologically friendly solution by using coconut shells to produce charcoal. This charcoal not only benefits the environment but it is more cheaper in price and proven to burn longer than other charcoal.



In February 2014 Hanuman Films was contacted by UK based production company, TVE, to undertake filming of the Sustainable Green Fuel Enterprise premise in Phnom Penh. The organization had been nominated for an Ashden Award which celebrates work which benefits the environment.  The purpose of filming was too make a promotional video about the production of the charcoal with the final video being shown at the award ceremony.


Hanuman Films filmed the promotional video over a two day period in March. The majority of the filming took place at the Sustainable Green Fuel Enterprise factory in Phnom Penh and some additional scenes were filmed showing people using the ecologically friendly charcoal in the community. After the footage was shot it was immediately sent to the UK where it was edited at the TVE headquarters in-time for the ceremony.


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