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Episode 1 of “Dropped”

In this first episode of “Dropped” we meet our contestant, Stavros Kottas, who is blindfolded and taken by helicopter to Ratanakiri in Northern Cambodia. Once Stavros arrives the blindfold is taken off and he meets his companion for the trip………………a giant yellow duck. Pre-production for this series began in April 2013 when Heineken contacted Hanuman Films to help with the logistics and planning for the shoot in Cambodia. Firstly Hanuman Films location manager, Nick Ray, read the proposed synopsis for the series and was able to suggest the best location for the contestant to be “Dropped”. The suggested location was Ratanakiri which offers beautiful river scenery. One of the main requirements of the script called for a giant yellow duck which the contestant would use as transportation down the rivers of Ratanakiri. Hanuman Films contacted boat designers based in Bangkok and construction began on this unique vessel. Upon completion the duck boat began a long and complicated journey into Cambodia, crossing via the Poipet border and travelling via Siem Reap and the temples of Angkor to the remote corner of Ratanakiri.

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