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Taramana Produce “Gangnam” Style Music Video

Taramana is a french non-profit organization which was set up in 2005 too initially help out two Cambodian orphans with their studies at school. Since its inception Taramana now helps dozens of underprivileged children, who are based in the Boeng Salang area, through its sponsorship program. Whilst working with these underprivileged children the staff of Taramana noticed that these kids had a positive and happy energy which they exuded every day. Taramana decided that they wanted to show people the happiness of the children in an artistic manner, they chose film as the medium to express this. Film maker Jean-Luc Nguyen was hired by Taramana and together they conceived the idea of doing a parody of the famous “Gangnam Style” music video which would features the children of Boeng Salang. The result is a beautifully shot video which brilliantly captures the joy and happiness which these children emanate.

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