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Hanuman Films, Mandalay to Bagan

In this next installment of the “Hanuman Films in Myanmar” video series, Richard Currie, traveled from Mandalay to Bagan on the Paukan Cruise-ship down the Irrawaddy River. During the five day cruise the ship stopped at villages on the river bank and Richard was able to film some of the culture and sights that were on display. These included the Hpowindaung and Shwebadaung Caves, the Sambuddhai Kat Kyaw Pagoda’s and the picturesque village of Yandabo which specializes in pot-making.

Episode 3 of “Dropped”

This is the third and final episode in the Heineken produced series of “Dropped”. With time running out to complete his mission, Stavros moves his duck from the river to the road and is transported by truck to Phnom Penh. Along the way he meets some local villagers and gets to the opportunity to eat fried tarantula. Once in Phnom Penh our contestant delivers the duck to the “Duck Duck Restaurant” and becomes the guest of honor at a party thrown in celebration of the completion of his mission. Hanuman Films was responsible for all of the production coordination for this shoot as well as hiring the extras and locating the restaurant for the finale.

Hanuman Films in Mandalay

The next in our series of videos about Hanuman Films in Myanmar focuses on the city of Mandalay. Richard Currie, from Hanuman Films, spent a day traveling the countryside of Mandalay in a horse drawn cart and got the opportunity enjoy a beautiful sunset at the U Bein Bridge.

Episode 2 of “Dropped”

Here is the second episode in the Heineken produced series “Dropped”. In this new installment our contestant, Stavros Kottas, discovers that his mission is too deliver the giant yellow duck to the “Duck Duck Restaurant” in Phnom Penh. The only problem is he is stuck in the rivers of Ratanakiri and his mode of transportation, the giant yellow duck, has no engine. Hanuman Films had to organize for the duck to be lifted in and out of the water at key points down the river as well as hiring local villagers to appear in the production and help Stavros on his journey to Phnom Penh.

Phnom Penh Vintage Jeep Tour

Hanuman Tourism has introduced an exclusive jeep tour of Phnom Penh for tourists coming to Cambodians capitol city for the first time. The jeep, which was recently purchased by Hanuman Tourism, is a vintage style and can seat two passengers comfortably in the back. Not only does the tour come with a driver but you also get an English speaking guide who will explain the history of Phnom Penh and answer any question you may have about this beautiful city. Some of the highlights of the tour are: The Royal Palace, Central Market, Wat Phnom and Raffles Le Royal Hotel. For more information on the the Phnom Penh Vintage Jeep Tour please email info@hanumantourism.com.

Episode 1 of “Dropped”

In this first episode of “Dropped” we meet our contestant, Stavros Kottas, who is blindfolded and taken by helicopter to Ratanakiri in Northern Cambodia. Once Stavros arrives the blindfold is taken off and he meets his companion for the trip………………a giant yellow duck. Pre-production for this series began in April 2013 when Heineken contacted Hanuman Films to help with the logistics and planning for the shoot in Cambodia. Firstly Hanuman Films location manager, Nick Ray, read the proposed synopsis for the series and was able to suggest the best location for the contestant to be “Dropped”. The suggested location was Ratanakiri which offers beautiful river scenery. One of the main requirements of the script called for a giant yellow duck which the contestant would use as transportation down the rivers of Ratanakiri. Hanuman Films contacted boat designers based in Bangkok and construction began on this unique vessel. Upon completion the duck boat began a long and complicated journey into Cambodia, crossing via the Poipet border and travelling via Siem Reap and the temples of Angkor to the remote corner of Ratanakiri.

Hanuman Films in Yangon

This is the first in a series of videos which chronicles Hanuman Films visit to Myanmar in March of this year. Production coordinator for Hanuman Films, Richard Currie, arrived in Yangon first during his trip and spent a day filming the many beautiful sights that this vibrant city has on display.

Promotional Trailer for “Dropped”

This is the promotional trailer for a new ad campaign by Heineken Beers entitled “Dropped” which features different episodes filmed all over the world. The concept of this series is too take a blinded folded contestant and “drop” them into a remote location and then give them instructions to find they’re way back to civilization. This particular three part episode was filmed in Cambodia and before shooting began Heineken Beers enlisted the services of Hanuman Films to help with the planning, organizing and production coordination for the shoot. Hanuman Films was able to hire guides, local extras, a helicopter and help organize the construction of a giant duck in Bangkok. Watch this space for more episodes of “Dropped” in the up coming weeks.

Taramana Produce “Gangnam” Style Music Video

Taramana is a french non-profit organization which was set up in 2005 too initially help out two Cambodian orphans with their studies at school. Since its inception Taramana now helps dozens of underprivileged children, who are based in the Boeng Salang area, through its sponsorship program. Whilst working with these underprivileged children the staff of Taramana noticed that these kids had a positive and happy energy which they exuded every day. Taramana decided that they wanted to show people the happiness of the children in an artistic manner, they chose film as the medium to express this. Film maker Jean-Luc Nguyen was hired by Taramana and together they conceived the idea of doing a parody of the famous “Gangnam Style” music video which would features the children of Boeng Salang. The result is a beautifully shot video which brilliantly captures the joy and happiness which these children emanate.

Hanuman Films in Myanmar

In March 2013 Hanuman Films visited Myanmar to film a promotional video for the Paukan Cruise Company. Whilst in Myanmar Richard Currie, from Hanuman Films, travelled from Yangon to Bagan and filmed some of the amazing sites which this country has to offer its visitors. The featured video is a compilation of some of the highlights including the temples of Bagan and the U Bein Bridge in Mandalay.

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