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Filming for Lets do it 2012

Over the weekend we filmed a group cycling trip from Phnom Penh to Kep that was part of a global initiative called ‘ Lets do it ‘. Cambodia is one of the 91 countries that have joined this movement since 2011 and this was one of the many warm up events to promote the big clean up day on August 26th later on this year. From March to September this year, a series of cleanups will sweep over the globe, touching all continents and bringing together millions of people who will be cleaning up their homes.

The overall aim of the Cambodia portion of Lets do it is to to bring awareness about litter and the enviroment, aswell as educating Cambodians about the negative effects of littering . Bicycling is a good way to represent this point hence this mammoth of a journey from Phnom Penh to Kep.It is an ecologically friendly activity that lets people enjoy a healthy lifestyle and encourage Cambodians in the city to ride Bikes instead of big Cars on short journeys. We believe in clean transportation and want to see Cambodians riding bicycles more often.

There were 5am starts on both the days of the trip to ensure the cyclists beat the mid day heat. The filming was verite style with our Camera Operator travelling on the back of a scramble bike to capture those shots needed where larger vehicles could not follow. Here at Hanuman Films we go above and beyond for our Camera Operators to capture the highest standards of footage for our clients as possible. The Countryside was in full bloom in time with Cambodias wet season or as we like to call it ‘ Green Season ‘ . Over rickety bridges, through lush Green fields, past lines of monks in the early morning light, mountains looming overhead, smiling school children chasing after the bikes. Sometimes to see the real beauty of a country you have to go deep into the Country side and Cambodia does not dissapoint. Video coming soon…

Event Video Production in Cambodia

We recently supported the Local NGO ‘ Village Focus ‘ with a promotional Video for their fundraising events called ‘ Party with a Conscience ‘ .

P.W.A.C is organized by a group of volunteers and all bands & Dj’s volunteer their time, skills and tunes for free to help raise money and awareness against child-trafficking in Cambodia.

This Video will help promote and bring more exposure to future events to raise more money for this good cause. 100% of all profit from the parties goes to a anti-trafficking shelter in Phnom Penh that houses 48 girls that have been trafficked, abused and exploited.

Here is what Talia Smith the Anti-trafficking Project Coordinator for Village Focus and Organiser of the Event has to say of the Video.

We just watched the video and LOVE IT!!!!GREAT, great work!My boss also very much liked the video. Its fun, informative, inspiring and makes you want to go to the parties!! I really like how the first bit is about the party and the second about the cause.

Really, really, really good – you’ve got skills!! Thank you so, so much. Its going to be such a great tool for future events – hopefully it can help bring some sponsorship in,etc. It will especially help in London events ….

You can find more about the event here:


For more information about the NGO please visit:


German Car Show Production in March

Back in March of this year we asissted with a German Executive Producer/Director on one of the most successful TV shows about cars on the German speaking TV market called “VOX auto mobil”.

Markus required information about a story of a car called the ‘ Angkor car’made in Cambodia by Cambodian inventor Mr. Nhean Phaloek.

we organised one of our team to go and research information on the story with a list of questions to ask the inventor Mr Phaloek to determine whether the story is right for what Markus was looking for.

After the succesful research, Hanuman Films liased on the best available date for both Markus and Mr Phaloek for the one day shoot as well as the schedule for the day. As time was tight and Markus could only be in Cambodia for one day due to shooting commitments in other neigbouring countries the organisation had to be to the upmost precision.

We arranged a translator for the day to asisst Markus interview Nhean Phaloek and also a vehicle in order for Markus to get some driving shots of Nhean Phaloek in his vehicle. Our experienced driver who has worked on many Film and Television productions before made sure Markus could get the smoothest shots possible.

After a very succesful shoot, here is what Markus had to say:

“For one of the most successful TV shows about cars on the German speaking TV market called “VOX auto mobil” we had the pleasure to work with Hanuman Films on this project. The story about the first car ever invented in Cambodia. The great think about Hanuman is, that you feel supported 24hrs. Whenever we needed some information about the project while we did the research, one of Hanumans Producer (Robin) answered us within 24hrs. This was a great help and made everything pretty smooth. Also on the project itself they helped us out with a guide who was smart, fast and really easy going. In the afternoon we asked for a van, including driver with great driving skills (for driving shots outside of the car) and 30 minutes later: we had the perfect match. After all and after all our experience in Asia. I can easily recommend Hanuman Films for projects in Cambodia. Reasonable(!) prices and great people made our project easy and fast! Thanks so much!!! Next time in Cambodia, I know where to go!”

Markus Zwilling, Director and Executive Producer of nimbusfilm, working for VOX auto mobil

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