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Sustainable Green Fuel Enterprise Short Film

Deforestation is a serious and growing issue in Cambodia which is mainly caused by the production of charcoal for cooking purposes. A Cambodian based organization, Sustainable Green Fuel Enterprise, is providing an ecologically friendly solution by using coconut shells to produce charcoal. This charcoal not only benefits the environment but it is more cheaper in price and proven to burn longer than other charcoal.



In February 2014 Hanuman Films was contacted by UK based production company, TVE, to undertake filming of the Sustainable Green Fuel Enterprise premise in Phnom Penh. The organization had been nominated for an Ashden Award which celebrates work which benefits the environment.  The purpose of filming was too make a promotional video about the production of the charcoal with the final video being shown at the award ceremony.


Hanuman Films filmed the promotional video over a two day period in March. The majority of the filming took place at the Sustainable Green Fuel Enterprise factory in Phnom Penh and some additional scenes were filmed showing people using the ecologically friendly charcoal in the community. After the footage was shot it was immediately sent to the UK where it was edited at the TVE headquarters in-time for the ceremony.


The Last Reel trailer is live on the Hanuman Films Youtube Channel

It has been a long road to get to this point in time, but we are extremely excited to announce that The Last Reel trailer is now live on the Hanuman Films Youtube channel, clocking in at 1m 45s.

The Last Reel is the most significant independent feature film to come out of Cambodia in a generation. 2014 has already seen the success of Cambodia’s first Oscar-nominated film, Rithy Panh’s The Missing Picture. The Last Reel is the directorial debut of Kulikar Sotho, based on a script by Ian Masters. The film was shot entirely on location in Cambodia during 2013 with a cast of leading local talent. Onboard as Executive Producer is Lloyd Levin, Producer of major Hollywood films such as Tomb Raider, Boogie Nights, Green Zone and United 93.

“There are many versions of the truth and between them lie the source for a thousand stories.” Rebellious teenager Sophoun discovers an old film starring her mother, offering her the chance to dictate her own destiny at last, but at the cost of uncovering some dark secrets from the past about her parents lives during the Khmer Rouge regime.

The Last Reel exposes the legacy of civil war and genocide and the shadow this violence has cast over subsequent generations. The trauma may have only been experienced by those who lived through the dark years of Khmer Rouge rule, but the impact of the living nightmare has been passed on to the next generation. Almost nobody talks about the past, almost nobody has dealt with their past, but have chosen to suppress or ignore it as a coping mechanism to deal with the pain. However, this suppression of raw emotion comes at a cost and affects the behaviour of an entire older generation in their everyday lives. In trying to protect the next generation by concealing a painful past, many parents have in fact damaged the next generation instead by not allowing themselves to heal. It is hoped that The Last Reel will play its part in a long overdue healing process in Cambodia by encouraging generations old and young to talk more openly about the past. The ghosts of the past are not easily buried and will continue to haunt a generation unless they are able to give a voice to the victims and their own suffering.

Before coming onboard as Executive Producer, Lloyd Levin had this to say about The Last Reel in November 2013: “I’m overwhelmed. It’s magnificent. It’s beautifully shot. Acting and writing is terrific. Just beautifully made from top to bottom. This is such a sophisticated film thematically I can’t believe it was directed by a first time director. The way it weaves regret, remorse, joy, love, guilt, redemption, politics with the past and present. I was moved by the sentiment that movies can be the thing that can bring together disparate people – political enemies, oppressors and their victims, fathers and daughters – despite everyone’s different version of the truth.  And the idea that a movie can be just as, if not more real, than reality, and can become our reality, is truly sublime. That’s a beautiful idea and The Last Reel is a wonderful movie.”

The Last Reel will premiere later this year. To learn more about the film and those involved, view or download the official film brochure at: hanumanfilms.com/images/last-reel/The-Last-Reel-Brochure.pdf 

People who have travelled to Cambodia will be touched by this movie and find a deeper level of understanding of this complex country, its traumatic history and how the past continues to cast a shadow over contemporary life today. Please share this trailer with your friends and family, your colleagues and partners, those who have travelled to Cambodia, lived in Cambodia or have an association with Cambodia. This film combines a snapshot of life in Cambodia today together with a lost world that came before, including the golden years of filmmaking in the kingdom before the dark shadow of the Khmer Rouge fell upon the land. More than 300 films were made before Pol Pot came to power, but only around 30 of them survived the destruction. Actors, artists, songwriters and directors were specifically targeted by the Khmer Rouge and many perished. The Last Reel is dedicated to their memory.

There is also a standard format version of the trailer on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlCLmV2N_5o

Many thanks for watching and helping to support The Last Reel as it approaches its worldwide premiere.

Expedition Unknown in Cambodia for the pilot episode on Travel Channel

Josh Gates and the Expedition Unknown were recently in Cambodia to film the first episode in a new series for Travel Channel.

Josh Gates at Angkor with the Expedition Unknown team

Josh Gates at Angkor with the Expedition Unknown team

Expedition Unknown chronicles the adventures of Josh Gates as he investigates iconic mysteries across the globe. Gates begins by interviewing key eyewitnesses and uncovering recent developments in the story, then springboards into a fully immersive exploration. This authentic, roughshod adventure leads Gates closer to the truth behind these unanswered global enigmas, such as the disappearance of Amelia Earhart’s plane.


Josh Gates is an adventurer and avid explorer with a unique brand of humor and passion for off-the-map excursions. Former Destination Truth presenter Josh Gates has already been to Cambodia several times, including shoots on the ‘jungle girl’ of Ratanakiri in 2007 and the ghosts of Angkor in 2010. Following a brief private trip last year, the Hanuman Films team was really happy to welcome him and the crew back to Cambodia.


In this episode, Josh Gates investigates the mystery of the ‘lost city’ of Mahendraparvata on the holy mountain of Phnom Kulen, about 50km from the temples of Angkor. We won’t give away any more details, but the show promises to be a cracker as Josh explores the backwaters of Cambodia.


Nick Ray worked with the Expedition Unknown team on scouting locations for the story and caught up on camera with Josh in Phnom Penh. Kulikar Sotho worked on the shoot, directing some of the ambitious recreation scenes around the temples of Angkor and also appeared in an on-camera interview with Josh.


Watch out for Expedition Unknown, coming soon to Travel Channel.

Hanuman Films Hotel Video of The Park Hyatt Siem Reap

Hanuman Films was recently on location at The Park Hyatt in Siem Reap to shoot this promotional hotel video. Hanuman Films has a series of hotel video packages available for properties seeking to promote themselves.



Before you read on, did you know that video now ranks higher than images and text in Google searches? This means if you don’t have a promotional video on your website, then you will be losing out on business to your competitors that do use video. Google owns Youtube, so Youtube-hosted videos outstrip all others when working on search engine optimization (SEO).


Hanuman Films is the most experienced production servicing company in the Mekong region. We have worked on more than 100 international productions in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia during more than a decade of film-making. Hanuman Films has been operating since 2000 and has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry including Paramount, Angelina Jolie, BBC, Jeremy Clarkson, Discovery, Gordon Ramsay, Nat Geo, Charlie Boorman, Radical Media, Pepsi and Daniel Craig. Hanuman Films brought Tomb Raider to the temples of Angkor and brought the Top Gear team to Vietnam.


Hanuman Films also offers bespoke hotel video production, drawing on our unique perspective on the travel industry thanks to our respected sister company Hanuman Travel (www.hanuman.travel). When it comes to marketing your hotel in the internet age, most potential customers would rather watch a 2-minute video then read several pages of a website or brochure. If a picture tells a thousand words, just imagine what video can do for your property? The key to marketing in this attention-deficit age is to attract their interest from the outset and clean, crisp HD video makes this possible.


Unlike many hotel video production companies promoting their services, Hanuman Films does not attempt to hold on to the copyright of the hotel video. Once we have finished our shoot and edited the agreed videos for your property, you will own full rights to these videos. Hanuman Films and sister company Hanuman Travel reserve the right to use the videos for their own promotional purposes online, but the rights to the video are then handed over to you and the video can be used on a DVD or online in any way that you choose.


In association with this Hanuman Films proposal for a hotel video, sister company Hanuman Travel will actively promote your video in a number of important ways. Hanuman Travel plans to feature a video of your property on our Hanuman Travel TV Youtube Channel and our very own www.hanuman.travel website.


For more details on our hotel video packages, contact Hanuman Films today via www.hanumanfilms.com.

Stunning Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Commercial on Location at Angkor


Leading Hong Kong jewellery company Chow Tai Fook chose Cambodia for its latest commercial. Hanuman Films coordinated the shoot around the temples of Angkor and Siem Reap, including locations such as Ta Prohm, Bayon, Angkor Wat and the floating villages of the Tonle Sap Lake. The Hanuman team worked in partnership with Radical Media of London. Hanuman Films has worked on several previous commercials with Radical Media, including Pepsi, TUI Travel and Cisco.

Filming Commences For New Television Show “50 Ways To Test Your Mammy”

An exciting new television show “50 Ways To Test Your Mammy” has commenced shooting in Cambodia today with Hanuman Films. British-based production company Burning Bright Productions, who are the creators of this show, have been working with Hanuman Films for the past three months during the pre-production stage. “50 Ways To Test Your Mammy” features a mother and son who travel to different locations all over the world in search of unique and adventurous experiences. Hanuman Films has set up  a host of adventures for the mother and son team whilst in Cambodia including: temple trekking, encounters with deadly spiders and a night on a deserted island.


Hanuman Films teams up with Indus Films on the new BBC Mekong series

Hanuman Films worked on the new BBC Mekong series with Indus Films and presenter Sue Perkins. 

Sue Perkins snaps a shot on location on the Mekong River

Sue Perkins snaps a shot on location on the Mekong River

Indus Films of the UK was commissioned by the BBC to produce a landmark series on the Mekong River and Hanuman Films was contacted as the line production company to assist with the four-part series featuring Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and China. Hanuman Films line produced the first two episodes in the series covering Vietnam and Laos and provided advice and recommendations for the third episode in Laos. Popular television presenter Sue Perkins fronted the show and for episode 1 she journeyed from Ho Chi Minh City through the Mekong Delta and into Cambodia. She visited the incredible floating market of Cai Rang and met a survivor of Tuol Sleng Prison before travelling northeast to the majestic temples of Angkor and the Tonle Sap Lake. Sue and the Indus crew spent several days living in the village of Kompong Pluk, learning about fishing techniques and local lifestyles. The great lake is the heartbeat of Cambodia and the incredible rise and fall in its water levels are intimately connected to the rise and fall of the Mekong River. The lake is known to expand to five times its normal area during the wet season, making it a vital source of fish and protein for the Cambodian population.

For episode 2, the focus moved to the wildlife in Cambodia and Sue joined a Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team (WRRT) organised by leading wildlife NGO Wildlife Alliance and the Cambodian government, on a wildlife bust in Koh Kong. She then travelled deep into Mondulkiri Province in the northeast of Cambodia where she visited the Elephant Valley Project (EVP) and learnt about their ecotourism initiatives to protect retired working elephants. In Kratie Province, she encountered rare freshwater dolphins in the Mekong River, as well as the rare Cantor’s Turtle. Finally the team travelled up to Ratanakiri to meet the minority people of this remote province and learn how dams and deforestation might affect their lives as the region develops.

Filming has now wrapped on this new mini-series and it will be screened on the BBC later in 2014.

Behind the Scenes in the Sound Recording Studio on The Last Reel

Go behind the scenes on The Last Reel with this exclusive look at some of the soundtrack recording in Phnom Penh late last year.

Composer Christopher Elves and Director Kulikar Sotho teamed up with the Chamroeun sisters, Sophea and Sophek, from popular local band Krom to record the haunting melody for The Long Way Home, the film within the film that forms an integral part of The Last Reel.

A Bird’s Eye View of Hoi An from the Air

Check out this video of Hoi An, including some stunning footage from an aerial drone. We think you will like it.

The Hanuman Films team was in Hoi An recently and met up with Key Production based out of Danang and Hoi An in Central Vietnam, who shot this impressive video. For travel planners promoting tours in Vietnam it is an excellent promotional tool and look out for the stunning aerial shots courtesy of a video camera drone. Don’t forget to talk to Hanuman Films if you want a stunning hi-definition video of your hotel, cruise, destination or activity. We cover the entire Mekong region, including Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.

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